Watch Review: Nitron Circuit

About Nitron:

“Olivers and Stevens families have worked together for more than a century in the shoe manufacturing industry since 1887. and it is now part of the world’s largest safety footwear company. Andrew Oliver, the fourth generation of the Oliver & Stevens is trudging into the watch industry. To pursue his passion, Andrew Oliver took a big step forward to create watches for the non-conventionals. Nitron watches is coming in bold and rambunctious. With a keen eye for details, he ventures into new materials, ostentatious designs and conspicuous display for his time-pieces. Unlike the notion behind Oliver & Steven’s safety boots, he does not create “safe” watches. Andrew Oliver do not follow herd instincts and flexes himself to expand his accumulated knowledge from the shoe-making manufacturing industry to the creation of watches. “You Only Live Once” – a statement celebrated and held firmly by Andrew Olivers. Nitron challenges the untouched boundaries bringing forth designs that you probably have never set your eyes on before, using materials and details that you have never experienced. Be prepared that Nitron watches will be a bold and an adventurous manifestation of time because, “You Only Live Once”. But like I say, “you only die once, you get a chance to live every day.”

Nitron definitely has a track record of releasing fun to wear watches and the new Circuit is doesn’t break from that trend. The 47mm Circuit makes quite the wrist statement both in size and in color. The combination of blue and yellow together make for a stunning look. I like the dramatic geometric design that Nitron used on the Circuit. Those designs are not only found on the case, but also on the dial. They definitely weren’t afraid to use dramatic shape and color throughout this watch. The nerd within me can’t deny that the colors and the case shape reminds me of the RX-78-2 Mobile Suit Gundam.

The bezel on the Circuit is fixed. I find myself gravitating towards watches with fixed bezels these days. The Circuit’s bezel is beautifully designed in both the color and the geometric angles. A detail that is worth mentioning is how the angle of the crown guards are a continuation of the same angle from the bezel. It creates a very clean line that consistent with the overall geometric design Nitron was apparently going for on the Circuit. The crown guards are protecting the push/pull style crown. The two blue screws on the crown guards are for pure decorative purposes as they serve no actual function. The crown is same IP blue as the fixed bezel and also the decorative screws on the crown guards. I can appreciate the cohesiveness of detail that Nitron used throughout the Circuit. Looks are one thing and function are another…..a more important detail in my opinion. The Circuit has a push/pull style crown. It comes down to personal preference, as it does with any detail on a watch. The style of a crown, whether it’s a push/pull or a screw down there are definitely pros/cons to both. There are some people who don’t care either way. Regardless of the preference, the crown size and grooved edges are perfect in my opinion. This is important because it allows for the crown to be operated with a good grip hold. That grip hold allows the wearer to operate the crown for all of the typical functions such as winding, setting the date and time. The crown functions without any issues whatsoever which is the crown’s most important detail of them all.

Nitron continues the unique geometric design onto the 9 o’clock side of the case. The protruding point on this side of the case is a result of the two angles coming together creating an aesthetically pleasing detail. The brushed finish on the stainless steel does add to the Circuits overall look. Brushed or blasted is my personal preference for sport style watches. I’m also not a fan of polished finish cases regardless what style of watch it’s on. One reason is it’s prone to scratches and another reason it looks too blingy in my opinion. Design details always come down to personal preference. I also think that it’s important to break from your “comfort zone” if you are a watch collector. In my opinion variety builds a more unique and diverse collection. The lugs on the Circuit are also quite unique in design. Not only do the lugs curve down but they are always curved/rounded outward as well. The Circuit comes on a “popping yellow” silicone strap. Of course it’s super soft and pliable, allowing for comfortable wrist conforming wear. The yellow adds to both the wrist presence of this watch but also the comfort. It’s not exactly the typical watch I would take hiking but given the gravity of the situation with covid there aren’t many options available to go. I wore this watch to work, hiking and to the “gym”. To my surprise it was comfortable in each environment and situation.

The unique geometric details certainly didn’t stop at the case on the Circuit, they were continued onto the dial. A semi skeletonized dial with small “window” views into the NH35 Seiko movement. The semi-skeletonized style hour and minute hands are proportioned perfectly to the dial. My one suggestion for the hands that would improve the legibility is to outline the hands. Outlining the hands in either blue or yellow versus the current polished metal Nitron used would prevent the hands from being lost against the layered dial. In addition to improving the legibility, this would also carryover the color/design consistency over further. The text on this dial is pretty much down to the minimum……not that there’s a lot of space to add more anyway. The water resistance, brand name and movement type are the only text that is on this dial. As for the rest of the dial, it consists multiple of layers. The first/lowest layer is the movement followed by the textured circular blue layer. I like the cohesive flow of the blue the on the crown and bezel with the blue on the dial. Speaking of cohesiveness, the second hand is consistent with the overall “racing circuit” theme of this watch. I should refer to it as a second wheel as opposed to a second hand. The “wheel” has a red arrow tip which matches nicely with the red on the applied hour markers and the red on the semi skeletonized dial. The flow of details on the Circuit hasn’t stopped yet either. It’s not hard to notice how well the yellow strap matches the yellow on the inner chapter ring.

Nitron’s use of color and shape really brings the details of the Circuit together into a fun and unique watch. Nitron knows that their designs aren’t for everyone as they tend to release their watches in small limited edition batches. The Circuit is no different, just 28 were released. Racing fans will appreciate the Circuit’s theme and use of color. I know my nerdy self mentioned the Gundam reference and I definitely stand behind that. I honestly believe hardcore Gundam fans can appreciate the Circuit just as much as fans of racing. I do have some suggestions for Nitron that would improve upon the Circuit’s unique design and function. The hour and minute hand has a generous amount of Superluminova which assists legibility in lowlight/dark environments but this legibility could have been taken further by applying the same lume treatment to the hour markers. The exhibition case back gives a nice view of the NH35 movement but it also gives a view of my next suggestion for improvement. The use of plastic inside the movement is something one of my idols of the industry always spoke against. Gerd Lang, founder of Chronoswiss was against the use of plastic inside a watch because he said that over time plastic becomes brittle and can break apart creating issues with the movement itself.

The Circuit has a lot of nice details that are consistent throughout the entire design of the watch. As I mentioned throughout this review the use of color and geometry gives the Circuit eye catching wrist presence. If you like seeing the movement working away inside of your watch, the Circuit gives you a top side and bottom side view. The screw in case back gives you a view of the movement through the sapphire crystal. The crystal also has the Nitron logo printed on the inside. The case has a strong shape from the bezel to the lugs, and the strong shape is even carried to the buckle on the silicone strap. I would recommend this watch to Circuit race fans and to fans of customized cars. The Circuit definitely has unique personality just like those custom cars and circuit cars have. I would also recommend the Circuit to anyone looking for something different from the slew of boring homages that continue to flood the market. The Circuit is $530 USD and is available via

Thank you for reading and thanks to Nitron.


NH35 Seiko Automatic Movement
316L Blue IP case

47mm Ø

12mm thickness

24mm lugs width

Superluminova decorated dial

Partially skeletonized dial

Skeletonized seconds hand

Date window at 4 o’clock

Silicone strap

Power reserve of up to 40 hours

Sapphire crystal watch glass

10ATM, 100 meter

Exclusively Limited to 28 pieces


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