Watch Review: Crepas Megamatic

About Crepas:

The Compañía Relojera Especializada para Actividades Subacuáticas (Specialised Watch Company for Underwater Activities) develops professional diving watches. Our watches are inspired by models from the past which have represented significant progress, using the latest technologies and advances of the watch industry. Each design must be as functional and ergonomic as possible, and can be used both for water sports and also as a normal watch. Sizes do not exceed 45 mm which means they fit most wrists. Our production is subject to a strict quality control standard at each manufacturing step, including the design and packaging of the watch to be presented to the end customer. Our watches are meant for professionals, collectors and diving enthusiasts who want a watch with a classic design but made with the latest technology, at competitive prices and always with the exclusiveness of a limited series. We only make automatic diving watches using Swiss movements and the best available materials. CREPAS offers an international two-year warranty for manufacturing defects. Technical support is available for our customers over the world through a selected independent company in USA and just as in Spain. CREPAS is located in Spain and our promoters are collectors and lovers of classic diving watches.

The case, specifically the crown and crown guards are the details that drew me to the Megamatic. Crepas offers the option to either have the crown at 3H or 9h position. It basically comes down to personal preference. I prefer to fidget with the crown when I’m wearing it, so it was an easy decision for me to go with the crown at the 3H position. These ease of grip that the 10mm crown offers is an absolute joy. Obviously the size allows for that easy grip, but also the deep/wide grooved edges assists as well. The deep grooves cut down on any slipping of the fingers when you are screwing/unscrewing, when you setting the time/date or when you are manually winding the movement. The crown is decorated with the Crepas propeller logo which gives the crown that proper finish appearance. The propeller is raised instead of engraved or laser etched, which in my opinion having it raised looks so much better than the other methods. The oversized crown is well protected by the crown guards that are incorporated from the large block of stainless steel. The large case is made of 316L stainless steel with a beautiful brushed finish to be exact.

The bezel is equipped with a ceramic inlay with lume treated numerals/markers, allowing for legibility in both light/dark environments. As for the bezel itself, it is constructed of stainless steel with a brushed finish. While the bezel profile is relatively low and sits tight against the case itself, the edges of the bezel does allow for easy grip and operation. The function of a bezel is extremely important to me and I think most dive watch fans would agree with that. The bezel on the Megamatic rotates unidirectionally with precise clicks, 120 clicks to be exact. There is no extra play or back spin with this bezel whatsoever. The precision is also carried over to the alignment of the bezel to the Megamatic’s dial.

The dial is as beautiful as the case itself. For this version, Crepas went matte black which is my personal preference for a dive/tool watch. One of the reasons that I prefer matte black is that it dramatically reduces any unwanted glare. I never understood designing a tool/dive watch with a high gloss dial and a high polished case. These types of watches are designed for abuse and not to be “safe queens”. Legibility and performance in all environments is a definite must for a dive/tool watch. The dial consists of precisely painted markers that are coated with C3 Superluminova lume. The combination of the long white rectangular markers and the lume coating allows the Megamatic dial to be legible in both light and dark situations. Now onto the hands! Oh these hands! The hands on the Megamatic are pure magic, just as they were on the Omega that was never brought into production.(*see below) I love the shape and the color of the hour and minute hands. In fact, there is absolutely no denying how much I love these hands. The legibility is not an issue whatsoever for the Megamatic dial. The blue arrow tip hour hand is tucked nicely behind the oversized rocket-shaped orange minute hand, and both of these hands come together to allow for “at a glance” quick reading. Both of the hands are then topped off by the white and unique second hand. Why is it unique? It’s unique because of where the lume is placed on the second hand. Instead of being on the tip, the lume on this second hand is on the bottom rounded portion.

The text on the Megamatic is pretty minimal, with the name & logo under the 12H position and the model name and water resistance above the 6H position. For fans of date windows, the Megamatic has one located at the 3H position. The dial is definitely designed with optimal legibility in mind and there is no denying that the Megamatic case was built with performance abuse in mind. That performance abuse from every day wear and tear whether you are a desk diver or an actual diver hitting the water. The massive 316L stainless steel case sealed with gaskets made of viton and tefzel. This means that both materials are suitable for harsh environments and extreme temperatures. The Megamatic is also protected in the depths of the sea, with a strong water resistant of 120 atmos. / 1200 meters/ 4000 ft. Overkill? Yes! It is definitely welcome overkill though. I rather have overkill when it comes to specs on a watch. The Omega that the Megamatic was inspired from, is the same Omega that couldn’t handle the extreme temperatures. The word is that the extreme cold water drained the battery of the quartz powered watch which is one of the reasons the project was shelved. Thankfully Crepas not only resurrected the design but also made it better. I am also thankful that Crepas armed the Megamatic with a Swiss ETASA 2824-2. A true workhorse and truly reliable movement.

The Megamatic has undeniable wrist presence. The case is large but remains manageable because of the lugless design. The chamfered details on this case are some of the largest I have ever seen on a watch. They give the case a complete finished look. The solid, screw in case back also adds to the overall finished feel of the Megamatic especially because of the large Crepas propeller logo that found perfectly centered on the stainless steel case back. The complete kit is finished off and nicely presented in a PU leather roll that contains a stainless steel bracelet, a screwdiver that is used to remove the bracelet and to adjust the size. The kit also contains a custom microfiber cleaning cloth, a warranty card and 2 spare spring bars. By today’s exchange rate, the Megamatic is priced at $832.93 usd which is a good price considering the amount of watch you get and the nice kit of extras that it’s packed with. There’s really nothing that I could change on this watch, if I had to be extremely nit picky I’d eliminate the date window. That’s not something Crepas did wrong, it’s just a personal preference. From just a pure design perspective the Megamatic is an absolute joy to wear. If you are a fan of dive watch history and well made watches, then the Megamatic is definitely a strong option for you to consider. If you are like me and love to change it up constantly with different straps, you can see by my pics that the Megamatic is a great watch to change it up with.

Everything on this watch functions without flaw or fail and everything was designed for ease of use in whatever “field” you find yourself in. I used this watch at work, out hiking and out on the frozen water, and it handled itself perfectly in every situation/environment. This is one of those watches that from first sight that you know are truly special way before you pick it up and handle it. Crepas is a brand that is progressing strong with each release over their 10 year history. So many microbrands have come and gone over the past decade but Crepas is still here and it continues to grow stronger. If you are interested in purchasing a Crepas watch you can do so via their website:

Thank you so very much for reading and thank you to Crepas.

– Diameter of the bezel: 44,00mm
– Thickness with cristal: 13,55mm
– Length: 46,50mm
– Thickness of the crystal: 4,00mm
– Diameter of the crystal: 31,00mm
– Space between lugs: 22mm
– Diameter of the crown: 10,00mm
– Thickness of the bezel: 3,60mm
– Thickness of the case back cover: 2,50mm
– Clasp width: 18mm Materials
– Case, bezel, crown and case cover made of stainless steel 316L with brushed finished
– Crystal made of sapphire
– Bezel inlay made of ceramic
– Gaskets made of Viton and Tefzel
– Solid stainless steel 316L bracelet with solid clasp
– Hands, dial and bezel with C3 Superluminova Features
– Swiss ETASA 2824-2
– Water resistant 120 atmos. / 1200 meters/ 4000 ft. Screwed crown and case back cover
– Inside AR coated anti scratch crystal.
– 120 positions bezel.
– Automatic helium valve at 3 position
– Big size minute hand. Kit
– CREPASw MEGAMATIC watch with bracelet
– PU leather roll.
– One screwdiver to remove the bracelet and adjust the size.
– Custom microfiber cleaning cloth
– Warranty card
– 2 spare spring bars

*check out this website to read and to see the Omega that this watch is inspired by:




  1. always appreciate your reviews and the outside the box pieces they feature, even if they are not necessarily for me. i find Crepas interesting, especially their homage based recreations that seek fascinating pieces, rather than the usual watches known to the public. regarding this, to me it is much less ploprof (tho the execution is very Omega) than taking its cue from a watch i love, and the reissue i own: the Benrus Type 1. this Crepas strikes me too much as a parody of the Type 1 for me to own personally, but that’s just my taste. it’s a cool piece and thanks for the picture loaded review as always.

    • First and foremost thank you for your kind words. I’m glad that you enjoy them. Click the link I posted on the review, it’s after the specification section. It’s the Omega Seamaster 1000 that this watch was inspired from. I definitely see the Benrus connection, especially regarding the similarities between the crown guards.

      In my opinion a review can never have too many pictures lol. Thank you again for reading!

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