Watch Review: Advolat Watches Flieger Automatic

There are some designs that are just so classic that they shouldn’t be changed and that’s exactly what Advolat was going for with their automatic Flieger series. This particular model comes in a 42mm x 12mm 316L stainless steel case which in a very size obsessed market place should appease those size conscious watch fans. Advolat set out to make watches that are accessible to a wide demographic of watch fans, whether you are a “beginner” or a seasoned collector. The $480 price point also allows for greater accessibility. What exactly do you get with your $480 dollars? And is it worth it? Well the worth part definitely falls into more of an individualistic answer but I can help break down the components of this watch to assist you with that answer. If you are currently looking for a classically designed flieger style watch or if you are just curious at what’s out there that isn’t a diving style watch, whatever brought you to this review, we will explore this watch together to see if it’s something you may consider purchasing.

As I asked above, what do you get for your money? Well for starters you are getting a hand assembled limited edition watch. I know that some watch enthusiasts are attracted to watches that are produced in limited numbers and of course there are the flip side of that coin of those who the number of watches produced has no bearing on their purchase decision. For those who do care, Advolat produced 888 pieces per variant and each watch comes individually numbered on the caseback. For those who are a fan of exhibition casebacks, you will be pleased to see the Miyota 8215 movement in action via the sapphire window on this caseback. The automatic movement has a power reserve of 42 hours.

The dial on the watch is extremely legible with it’s large numeral markers at the positions of 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, and 11. Located at the classic 12, 3, 6, 9 o’clock positions are rectangular and triangular shaped markers. The size of all of the hour markers assists in the legibility of this watch but the black markers set against the white dial also greatly increases the legibility. Who doesn’t appreciate a well designed and legible dial? The what do you get for your money question comes into play here with the double domed sapphire crystal that has an anti-reflective coating. This watch was an absolute joy to photograph at most angles and in all natural lighting situations. The crystal allows for increased legibility as well which is always a welcomed bonus. This dial is extremely well balanced, even with the addition of the date window. I was pleased with the placement of the date window because it allowed for uninterrupted symmetry. What I mean is that the inclusion of the date window didn’t come at the cost of eliminating one of the hour markers. The date window is a simple square cut out that is bordered in black that is cohesive with the black hour markers and black printed text found on the dial. The text is kept pretty simple on this dial keeping true to that less is more philosophy.

The hands on any watch are equally important when it comes to legibility and symmetry but also with the overall visual aesthetic as well. All too often, I see watches with a well designed dial that are fitted with ill-proportioned hands which completely destroys the overall design of the dial. Thankfully Advolat applied perfectly proportioned hands on their flieger watch. The hands also are cohesive with the black and white color theme of this dial. Both the hour hand and the minute hand are filled with Swiss super-luminova allowing for optimal legibility in dark or lowlight situations/environments. I wish that the second hand had some lume application to enhance the nighttime legibility.

I like that Advolat opted for a brushed finish on this case. I understand polished finishes are easier to “clean-up” with refinishing vs a brushed finish but for a watch that is marketed for adventure, a brushed finish makes more sense as it has that strong utilitarian appearance. High polished finish are often associated with dress style/safe queen watches. There’s no right or wrong way to wear your watch just as there is no right or wrong preference for case finish. I am just offering you my experienced based opinions on how watches hold up when they are “abused” during my outdoor adventures and what works vs what doesn’t work.

This watch is a nice grab and go piece that can handle most outdoor adventures. It is a comfortable, light weight piece that won’t get in the way while on your wrist. The lugs are curved down so the watch will hug most wrist sizes nicely. The oversized, diamond shaped crown allows for extreme ease of use whether you are manually winding the watch or setting the time or date. There are a few areas that I would recommend changing to make it a more adventure friendly watch. One area would be drilling the lugs and replacing the spring bars with screw bars. This adds more security to holding the strap in place without the chance of popping out a spring bar. The other area I would change out would be replacing the exhibition caseback with a solid screw down caseback. I never understood why a watch made for adventure would have a glass caseback. Regardless of the strength of sapphire crystal, I rather have more metal on a case than glass. My last suggestion would be replacing the push/pull crown with a screw down crown. There’s always an increased chance of accidentally pulling the crown out especially when engaging in some rough outdoor activities. That risk increase when water is involved and you should never have to worry about your watch during any activity.

My suggestions are just that, mere suggestions nothing more. They are not dealbreakers by any means or meant to be negative bashing of this watch. Advolat has produced an affordable fliegar style watch that is geared towards the grab and go type of adventurer. Where you adventure is always up to you. Your adventure could be office based at work or it could be forest based on a hiking adventure, regardless of your adventure base, this watch will handle it just fine. I would definitely recommend this piece to those looking to enter into getting their first pilot style watch. If you are a long time dive watch fan and are looking for something different in your collection this watch is definitely one to consider.


Thank you for reading. Thank you to Advolat Watches!


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