Watch Review: SevenFriday V-Series




MODEL: V3/01

Price: $1550 USD

It can be rather scary to come out with something outside of the box from the everyday norm people are accustomed to. The risk is increased considerably having that 50/50 chance of success or failure. If people always went on the side of caution the world would be a very boring place full of the same old, same old. SevenFriday took a chance a few years ago, and it paid off for them. They create watches by thinking outside of the box and the new V-series is no exception to their original, unique way of thinking. The new V-series is the result of Industrial design going to a Rock and Roll show and has a deep conversation with a mathematics major. The combination  brings  about the SevenFriday V-series. The industrial case with the Rock and Roll attitude and mathematics inspired dial is a truly unique experience on the wrist. Each of these worlds work in perfect harmony and give the wearer something new to look forward to. You’ll see exactly what I mean as we delve deeper into this watch.


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The V3/01 comes in a very cool and large wooden crate. The dad from the Christmas Story would be very excited to see this packaging come to his door. All I can here is his pronunciation of “Fragile, must be Italian”. Seriously though, I love the packaging for the V3/01. The lid slides off/on very easily. On the inside of the lid is instructions on how to connect the watch to the SEVENFRIDAY app, more about this feature later in the review. Inside of the wooden crate is a red polishing cloth with black printed SEVENFRIDAY. The warranty card is inside the packaging along with the operating manual and a SEVENFRIDAY sticker sheet. The wooden crate is very well constructed and solid. It definitely keeps your watch well protected during the shipping process. I actually prefer the crate style wooden box as opposed to the “dressy style” black watch boxes. Several watches that I have reviewed lately come in these very cool wooden crate style boxes. The outside of the box features black and red print on all of the text, which is all very well done. No smeared ink or sloppy print. SEVENFRIDAY did a very nice job on the packaging.


H 44.3MM X W 49.7MM-53.2mm including the crown, 11.3mm thick.


The first things that I noticed about the case is the size and shape. The V3/01 has a rectangular shape with rounded sides. Something that is also noticeable relatively quickly is that it has no lugs. This little detail allows the v3/01 to wear much smaller than it’s dimensions imply. I actually like the size of the case and how it sits on the wrist. Excluding the lugs was a great idea by the designers.


The case on the V3/01 is stainless steel gun metal PVD. The first thing that I thought of when I picked up the V3 to look at it was Darth Vadar. The case has a very industrial sci-fi feel to it and the gun metal PVD drives that home. The finishing on the case is perfectly done and ever so even. The color of the case really allows the dial to pop on the v3/01.

FullSizeRender 155.jpg

On the non crown side of the case you will notice two small raised arrows. When I first saw the pictures of the v3/01 I wondered what these arrows were all about. Well I quickly found out. There are 2 oval cut outs where the arrows point to. Inside those cut outs are small round buttons. When the buttons are pushed they activate the quick release strap pins for changing out the straps. It’s a pretty cool feature that makes strap changing even faster. The pins sit inside a cut out on the under side of the case. What also makes the strap changing process much easier is that no tools are needed for removing or replacing the strap. When placing a new strap into place, you want to place the pin in the solid hole first, then there is the other strap pin hole that is notched out that allows you to click the pin into place. The notch eventually depresses the spring inside the strap pin allowing it to slide into place. Once you here it click into place you know that the strap is locked in.

FullSizeRender 153FullSizeRender 154

On the other side of the case you will find the crown. The crown is a push/pull style crown. When pushed in fully it can manually wind the watch by turning it. The winding motion of the crown is very smooth and turns with ease. When you pull the crown out all the way this allows you to set the time. The crown is very easy to grip and use because of its nice size and the cut out machined edges.


FullSizeRender 142

The case back is high polished stainless steel with a plethora of engraved information. The case back on the V3/01 is pretty sweet. It gives you a lot of information about the v3/01 such as its movement, water resistance, case size, strap size, origin of the design & concept, where it was constructed and the origin of the engine of the watch. Each of these places are pointed to on a nice little map that is featured on the case back. A unique and cool idea.





Speaking of cool ideas, the dial on the V3/01 is something that is cool and something that will make you think. When I first saw pictures of the new V-series I had to really look hard as I tried to figure out how one would tell the time on this dial. First of all the dial features one hand. One very long and cool looking hand. The hand has a red tip, cut out middle and a large round base that attaches to the center of the dial. The cut out allows you to see through the hand for an uninterrupted view of the dial. The single hand acts as the minute hand. Where are the hour hand and the seconds hand you ask? How am I going to tell the time on the V3/01 you ask? Well it is actually quite simple.

FullSizeRender 143.jpg

The hour and seconds are displayed on disc wheels. As a date wheel operates inside a watch, the hour and seconds wheels operate on the same principle. They rotate around and allow you to see the hour and the seconds. But there is a catch. A very cool catch. On the hour wheel there are numbers 0+, 4+ and 8+. Along the top of the dial are numbers, 0, 30, 1, 30, 2, 30, 3, 30, 4. Confused yet? Well let me explain. Looking at the dial right now the 4+ is aligned with the 2 which means its 6 o’clock. You simply add 4+2 which equals 6. Yes, you have to work a little to tell the time, but it’s so unique and original that it is really fun.

FullSizeRender 145.jpg

In between each of the stationary numbers on the dial starting with the 0 there is a small line, then a small line marked 30, another small line and then the number 1. Each small line represents 15 minutes. So when the hour wheel is making it’s rounds, you can see what the minutes are in 15 minute increments without having to reference the minute hand. Which makes telling the time when you are in a hurry for a quick glance very easy.

FullSizeRender 141

The seconds wheel operates on the same mathematical addition format. The wheel features 00, +20, +40. The stationary portion of the seconds system on the dial features 00, 5, 10, 15, 20. As the seconds wheel makes it’s rounds you add the number on the wheel with the number on the dial to find out what the seconds are. For example if the wheel states +40 and is aligned with the 10 on the dial, then it reads 50 seconds. It sounds confusing and at first it is. But you learn very quickly when you wear the V3/01. It also makes a great conversation piece when people look at your dial and ask how do you tell the time on that? It’s great.


Now that I have explained the time telling experience on the V3/01, let me break down the rest of the dial for you. There is a lot going on the dial of the V3/01, but there remains a harmonious balance. In the upper left hand corner of the dial there is a day/night indicator. During the night time hours they are represented by a black background with a off white circle that represents the night sky and full moon. During the daytime hours it is represented by a light blue for the daytime sky. I really like this addition. It’s not something that one may necessarily need, but having it is really cool.

There is some text printed on the dial of the V3/01. Just above the 6 o’clock position on the dial layout, is printed Automatic 21600 which is a reference to the movement inside this watch. At the 9 o’clock position is a cool black metal plate that has SEVENFRIDAY printed on white underlined with a red line. Below that red line is v-series/12961s 01-A.

FullSizeRender 146

What is unique about the dial of the v3/01 is all the different layers of the dial. There is such depth to this dial. The large case allows this dial to truly shine with all it’s detail and layers without becoming overcrowded. You have a layer with applied stainless steel hour indices, another layer that is on a raised metal plate that has black printed seconds on it, a deep layer that has a cut out which allows you to see part of the balance wheel oscillating below. The hour and seconds wheel create some more layering, along with the day night metal plate that is attached by a hex bolt. The upper most layer has the indices for the minutes that the long minute hand extends out to.

FullSizeRender 147

The dial of the V3/01 is such a beautiful focal point of this watch. I found myself just gazing at all of the motion and action that was going on. It is fun to tell the time on, but I found it mesmerizing to watch the action of everything working together perfectly. The dial is one of my favorite parts of this watch because of the layering, all of the action and the overall uniqueness. The dial is easily viewed through the nice raised hardened mineral crystal. The argument has been heard a million times sapphire crystal vs hardened mineral crystal and which is better. I have experienced both and I can honestly say both are equally good. I never had either scratch on me.


FullSizeRender 157.jpg

The stap is where some more of that Darth Vadar feeling comes into play here. The black leather strap features some nice stitching and padding details that are really nice and a step above the traditional stock strap. The strap tapers from 28mm at the pins to 24mm at the end of the strap.

FullSizeRender 156.jpg

The underside of the strap is stamped with the SEVENFRIDAY logo, genuine leather and handmade. Each of the stitches on the leather strap are even throughout. The top of the strap is smooth black leather and the underneath of the strap is super soft almost suede feeling grey.


The strap size comes off the case perfectly and if it were under 28mm it would not look right on such a large rectangular case.


The movement inside of the V3/01 is the Miyota 82S7. This movement has a power reserve of 40 hours and an accuracy rate of -20/+40 seconds per day. Miyota makes reliable movements and have been doing so for awhile. When ETA tightened it’s belt, watch companies looked for alternatives. Miyota is one of those alternatives.

Not that this is part of the movement but I did not want to exclude this part nor did I know where to put it. So since it is inside of the watch I will put it here inside of the movement section. Inside of the V3/01 is a NFC technology chip for use with the Sevenfriday app. Unfortunately at the moment Apple’s IOS does not allow scanning of the chip at this time, so I am unable to explore this feature any further. If this should change on the IOS, I will update this section and further explain/explore all that it has to offer.




This watch plays into a lot of my loves in life and it was really hard not to like it. I honestly could not find anything to nit pick about on this watch. When you have a unique watch like the V3/01, you have to approach it differently. I am not saying this allows you to be lax in your overall review process, but you have to approach it from an out of the box approach. It is not a traditional watch by any means. I found it very refreshing from top to bottom. I respect what SEVENFRIDAY’s design team has done here. I see some of the bigger names in the watch industry rehash the same designs year after year. Yes, I can respect that they are iconic pieces, but at some point you have to expand your designs and come up with something new & original. That is why I can applaud what SEVENFRIDAY does. They develop original designs that you can clearly see that a lot of thought and passion have gone into their watches.

No these watches are not for everyone, but if you are looking for a watch that pushes the barriers of conventional watches, then the V3/01 is the watch for you. It harmoniously combines different worlds into one. Art, industrial and mathematical. This works beautifully.

Some might be fearful of the size of the case on the V3/01. You really shouldn’t be for a few different reasons. One reason is that the lugless case allows the watch to wear much smaller. Its actually a very comfortable watch to wear. Another reason is that the dial has so much going on that if the case was smaller, the dial would be squeezed in tighter and make it overcrowded. The dial has so much detail and personality that taking any of that away would take away from the overall harmony that is so magical in the way it all works together.

 I want to personally thank SEVENFRIDAY for giving me an opportunity to review another one of their unique watches. It is always a refreshing review. Thanks to all of you for reading my review.
Until next week my friends!


Wrist shots on a 7 1/2″ wrist for reference. SEVENFRIDAY also has a printable watch and strap so you can cut it out to see what it would look like on your wrist. Very awesome.

FullSizeRender 158FullSizeRender 159FullSizeRender 160IMG_3822

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